Think Surf Media has been providing clients with web design services of consistent high quality. Our team of expert designers always keep themselves updated with the latest design and creative techniques.

Think Surf Media combines the best services and advantages along with proper selection of the technologies. They provide detailed analysis of every aspect including the basic business requirements. It always aims to constitute data objectively and reach out to its target audience.

Web Design: Innovative areas like web graphic design, interface design, search engine optimization, and so on altogether constitutes the entire circumference of Web designing.

Web Development: We ensure trusted business policies and schemes to enhance our digital marketing phases. This phenomenon chiefly describes about the development of web applications and protocols that have come into being due to its requirements. We aim at discovering innovative facts and adding a different dimension to our marketing strategies to make our page stand out of the competition and grab the spotlight of the era.

Significance of Web Development

Web development is the phenomenon of the development and generation of applications that is delivered to the user’s device via Internet. It is a complete process of development and creation enhancing the concept of web development. This company aims at selecting its target audience, creating the content, and developing its services. Thus, the sole motto will be: Selection of Target audience Creation of digital based-content Development of services

Our desire is to become the most qualified and trusted digital marketing agency in India, a task that we are well on the way to achieving. The idea is not to live forever, but to create a brand that will.

Technologies we use

We mainly focus on the concepts of HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, PHP, Jquery, Java Script, MySQl, MongoDB.

HTML: We aim at using this as this promises to define the features and properties of the web page content along with a markup based pattern. CSS3: Cascading Style Sheets being a sort of language style and being similar to the concept of HTML aids us to develop content and describing its presentation in a markup language. Bootstrap 4: This application aims at providing typography, fonts and mainly focuses on the concept of navigation in the web world. It contains a part of Cascading Style Sheets and Java Scripts as well.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a concept that includes purposive scripting language and that lies within the concept of HTML and is one of the significant parts of web development. Jquery: This application presently has gained highest popularity which is being used by the top websites and it is a JavaScript library that enhances the concept of simplification of the languages used in the digital platforms. Java Script: This is a high-level scripting language that includes its interpretative nature and that conform its ECMAScript specification. MySQL: It comprises of two terms, that includes ‘My’ and ‘SQL’ highlighting the concept of Structured Query Language. MongoDB: It is an open-source document database. It is also one of the significant concepts of web development.