The basic objective of SEO is to bring your website in the first page of the SERPs (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

The basic objective of SEO is to bring your website in the first page of the SERPs (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).Thinksurfmedia is a Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata who also believes in Search Engine Optimization for better traffic growth of its Website . This not only increases the visibility, rather helps in increasing the number of traffic to your website, in order to increase its views and make it stand above all. The Search Engine Optimization techniques and the guidelines that a search engine follows should run parallel and avoid hindrance. It further helps the web crawlers or the users to find their desired results quickly. It always tries to provide the best search results of the users in its search engine page. It thus helps to add more importance to your content as well.
Thinksurfmedia being one of the popular Digital Marketing and SEO companie in Kolkata, provide you with the best SEO sevices in Kolkata and takes your corporate game to the next level.

What we do.

On Page: This provides with the idea of what your website is all about, its structure and the way it functions. It assists you to control your website and make changes according to the requirements. This basically makes you aware of the reason behind your ranking.

Off Page: This gives you the idea of the amount of availability and popularity that your website gains. Here you do not have the freedom to control it. Off Page basically makes you aware of the status or level of your ranking. Keyword Pushing: The phenomenon of keyword pushing guides you to bring your content in the limelight with updated data. The main target is the selection of accurate key words or key phrases that lets your website rank higher in the list.

About SEO.

Backlink Generation: It is signified as a ‘reference link’. This provides with the reference of one’s website to the other one, and guides the user to navigate from one website to the other. The significance is basically added by the search engines to estimate the importance of the page.

Use of Google Analytics: This paves the way to access the details of the visitors of your website. It allows you to study the behavior the visitors and lets you assess the internal structure. It customizes your content and create it accordingly.