Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.

Graphic designing is a procedure of communication where the receiver communicates with the sender visually with the help of fonts, thumbnails, illustration and typography. It communicates with the visual content through the graphic designers to the customers. It gives you a vivid description of any visual story that adds innovative dimension to any text.

Thinksurfmedia being one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Kolkata highlights the key procedures of graphic,colors and intricate designs to obtain better scopes of visual communicatios.

The stylization of facts, presentation of various images, and development of a graphic design, constitutes the entire process of graphic designing.

What we do.

Companies aim at using this in order to produce their company logo (corporate signs and symbols), design, brand logo, editorial content and design, advertisements, e-books, web designs and so on. Think Surf Media also falls under the same umbrella that demands for this to produce its corporate designs.
We aim at working with this to let you discover and add growth to your designer ideas and add wings to it. It inspires you to the utmost and helps you look beyond the horizon.


It is the demand of the digital age that encourages such interactive models to produce illustrations and typography that would match to the expectation of the users. Graphic Designing is the creative art that plays a key role in the creation of visual graphics and visual content. This aims at satisfying the clients’ or customers’ needs and meet with the requirements. The graphic designers focus on the displaying elements to escalate the user’s experience and add a different dimension to it. Think Surf Media being one of the of the best Web Design Companies in Kolkata also targets at producing trustworthy designs that may give hints to the clients that it is our responsibility to understand their wants and replicate those through such visual communicative ways. Logo Design is also a part of our services that our company provides you efficiently.