We offer our expertise in Mobile App Development across platforms such as Android and IOS.

With the inception of modernization and advancement of technology, we have become prone towards electronic gadgets. Owning a smartphone brings the whole world into your hands. With the metamorphosis of time, demand for different mobile applications have reached a large scale. The graph has steadily gone higher and higher.

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This is a mobile-friendly concept for its users introduced for simplification of tasks and bringing the entire world under your control. Starting from the messaging applications that enhance two-way communication processes among the senders and the receivers to the online booking applications for ordering food or booking any kind of transports and the list goes on. This includes: Android App Development & IOS App Development

Android and IOS

Android App Development- It is software-based application process that includes development of several applications for the sake of its users using devices that run for the android operating systems. It runs with two types of languages including Extension Markup Language (XML) and Java.

IOS App Development- This is mainly devices for devices running in iphones, ipads and so on. Here programming is done using Native languages including Swift or Objective-C.

Advantages & Significance

This helps in less time-consuming work increasing speed and availability. Easy availability of essential requirements within a particular framework. Not occupied within time and space, thus enhancing flexibility.

Java, a programming language that encourage the concept of WORA, which states write once, run everywhere helping the application developers to do so. React Native highlights a framework of Java for writing real and native scripts. It works both for android and iOS running applications.Thinksurfmedia thus upholds striking features of the E-Commerce Services and proves it to be the best amongst the corporate business market in Kolkata.